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Our Mission

Our objective is to facilitate the risk management associated to solutions implementation within your organization.

Our Vision

We target to make from Testing, Middleware and Transactional Monitoring affordable solutions for all financial institutions.

Our Solutions

We propose the most flexible and user-friendly solutions in the industry of Testing, Middleware and Transactional Monitoring.

Our Engagement

We commit to share our know-how, to coach your personnel and to participate to the success of your projects.

POS Simulator

Simulate your POS application with ISO8583, SPDH and more…   Details

ATM Simulator

Simulate your ATM application with NDC+, 912 and more… Details


Simulate your VISA Gateway with VISA SMS, VISA Base 1 and VISA Base 2. Details

MasterCard Simulator

Simulate your MasterCard Gateway with MasterCard MDS, MasterCard CIS and MasterCard IPM. Details


Simulate your HOST whether it is a Switch, a Card Management System or a Core Banking. Details

Certification Platform

Control your specs by applying a certification process to all your vendors or/and clients.   Details


Control your specs by implementing a unique Middleware in your organization. Details

Transactional Firewall

Control your transactions by deploying a transactional firewall.   Details

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We just know what we are talking about…
We are coming from the other side!

Because we were in the software engineering industry and involved in the solution integration process, we do understand what should be tested and which test process is to be implemented within a solution environment.

Consulting, Integration, Training…
From assistance to write a Test Book to implementing a Certification Platform!

Our Specialists will help you, based on your need, to document and control your organization specs, to implement a continous testing strategy and to manage your relationship with your vendors.

Customized training and online support
Yes, it is a continous process to strenght your know-how!

Our Courses will integrate a tailored program that will feet your specific need. We have a proven expertise on Switches, Card Management Systems, Middleware and Testing processes.

You will control your solutions environment and empower your test ability !